It’s time to start making proposals for sessions!

THATCamp_MyGW_161x125Hey THATCampers — We will be so happy to have you at THATCamp this Saturday whether you propose to lead a session or are just enjoying the conversations, but if you are interested in taking the lead on a topic, feel free to post it now. That way we can have a few sessions to put in the first column so we can all get to work/play that much quicker.

We will be using whiteboards to make the chart and then taking pictures using WhiteBoard Cleanup by Ricoh Innovations. We will post the pictures at (here) and then you can pull them up on your smart phones. Look under the page called Schedule.

Each proposal should have a clear title with just a few words of explanation. Entice the reader to your lair. Topics should be of somewhat broad interest. You need not be a subject matter expert in order to propose and host a session! There will be plenty of wisdom to go around. If you do have expertise, please offer a session! If there aren’t enough topics proposed, we can at least host sessions called Q&A on Digital Pedagogy, Digital Publishing, Digital Cultural Heritage, and the Future of the Humanities.  Sunlight Foundation (founder of Transparency Camp) will be leading us off with a special session on the use of digital technologies to connect government with constituents (improving accountability and transparency) and will be sharing data visualization techniques with us. We are so pleased to have them sponsoring this event Another delightful sponsor is Tech Cocktail, a company that puts on exciting meetups in many cities including DC and publishes a blog on trends — check them out here: Gelman Libraries, the Provost’s Office, Cuentos the humanities magazine of GW Internal Medicine faculty, and the GW Digital Humanities Institute are our internal sponsors. Volunteer labor provided by HIST3001: Digital Humanities & the Historian. When you see these undergrads, do let them know about career opportunities, internships, and offer informational interviews and tours if you can. Thank you!


— Diane H. Cline

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About Diane Cline

I'm an ancient Greek historian and classicist and I teach a course in Digital History at GWU. My most recent research projects use Social Network Analysis to examine the relationships of Alexander the Great, Philip II, Socrates and Pericles. I am interested in understanding what made the Greeks so innovative and creative, and I believe their social networks is part of the answer. Classes taught in 2013-17: History of Greece, Alexander the Great, Classical Athens, Classical Mythology, and HIST 3001 Digital History. Author of National Geographic's The Greeks: An Illustrated History (2016).