Dork Short Proposal: Remembering Lincoln

I’d like to propose a dork short to discuss Remembering Lincoln, the digital project I’m coordinating at Ford’s Theatre. Remembering Lincoln is bringing together responses to the Lincoln assassination from the 13 months after it took place. We are currently a bit over six months into a grant from IMLS to plan the project. In this dork short, I’m happy to discuss the project’s progress so far, touching on sometimes contentious discussions over crowdsourcing (broadly defined), recent audience research to define what we are doing for the final site, working with a dozen partner organizations, and launching a “preview” of the project–with an unexpected and exciting result.

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About David McKenzie

Working as Digital Projects Manager at Ford's Theatre Society in D.C., coordinating an online exhibition & archive, Remembering Lincoln. Third-year part-time history Ph.D. student at George Mason University, studying a combination of U.S. and Latin American history, with a digital history minor field to boot. Interested in exploring the intersections of digital, public, and academic history, combined with history education.