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Here’s my proposal idea, it’s an educational platform where people can study together online based on hashtags. ┬áMeaning users “enroll” by picking an interest ( academia, arts, science, sports etc) and then they will get a social media syllabus that will direct them to content about their interest.

For example, Sally picks Academia as top interest and wants to focus on the women’s rights movement. She will be asked to type in hashtags that are connected to that topic ( ex. #suffrage #womensright) and articles, books, videos and photos will pop up. She will then get assigned “homework” such as writing a short response on one of the videos. She will be able to share her responses on the platform as “homework” with others enrolled in her “hashtagged course.”

I’ve been experimenting with this concept on social media platforms such as tumblr and instagram and would love to hear some feedback.

– Kwasi

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I'm a recent GW grad that is passionate about cultural entrepreneurship. At 17, I co-founded ACE Magazine, a multicultural student publication that has a large market value in millennial audiences. As a Hill intern, I conducted tours of the U.S Capitol which connected history to pop culture. The increased interest from the Capitol tours allowed me to expand and give tours of local historic sites.

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  1. Diane Cline says:

    If you want to give this as a 3-minute Dork Short that is fine, but there are a couple ways you could go to make this into a great full-length session. I suggest you broaden it to include more voices in the dialogue. One is to call your session “Social Media in the Classroom’ – or just ‘Social Media and Pedagogy’. A lot of folks have experimented with Twitter in class so it will be fun to hear what people have tried and it will be helpful for your project to hear what they want to use it for. The other is to try to get other entrepreneurs or inventors to also share their ideas, and call it “Fishbowl for Entrepreneurs — Feedback Session.” Think it over and we will see you Saturday!

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